Wednesday 16 February 2011

Breathless excitment in Ambridge

Camilla (HRH) visted Ambridge today, and it was all terribly exciting. She had tea at Grey Gables, and thought the shortbread was delicious, and she talked to Clarrie. But Linda Snell was sooooooo disappointed because she (Linda) had been in the loo, and missed meeting her (Camilla). But on her (Linda's) way home, the chain came off her (Linda's) bike, so she had to stop. And as she stood there, the royal car passed by and (wait for this) Camilla smiled and waved. Just for Linda!

I shall have to go and lie down.


  1. Good Golly! Princess Di once came to Ilfracombe and waved at me through the window of an Insurance Brokerage.

    I was in the Brokerage, not her. Because my parents were there. I was quite young.

    I think I'll leave that little anecdote there.

  2. When I was doing my thesis research in Mexico I was living with the parents of a guy running for municipality president.

    Not quite the same thing, I think.

  3. Aliya, you and Princess Di in your heart out, Linda Snell.

    No, Nevets. Not the same thing at all.

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  5. If not fancy dress, at least dress-up. And pre-shredded cheese for everyone!