Wednesday 2 February 2011

I am an airhead

I have come to the sad conclusion that I am an airhead.

I have just been glancing through the books on John's side of the bed, and they include: Why Us? by James le Fanu ("how science discovers the mystery of ourselves"); The New Machiavelli by Jonathan Powell ("how to wield power in the modern world"); State of Emergency by Dominic Sandbrook ("the way we were: Britain 1970-1974"). There's also The Tommy Cooper Joke Book (probably a Christmas present) and Andrea Levy's The Long Song (which I want him to read because I loved it).

On my side, there's The Summerhouse Trilogy (Alice thomas Elis); The Beginning of Spring (Penelope Fitzgerald); Why We Ride ("women writers on the horses in their lives") ; Writing Magazine; and a book and CD on improving my French, which I've had for a year and have hardly looked at.

Oh dear.


  1. Definitely prefer your side.

    My Hubby is currently reading my manuscript, which makes bedtime not very restful for me or him.

  2. Thanks, Aliya. But it does make me wonder. I also tend to read the lighter bits of the paper, leaving the heavy political stuff to Himself. The good thing about that is that we can point things out to each other in the certain knowledge that the other hasn't read them.

    John reads my oeuvres on his computer, so I don't have to be with him while he's doing it. Much easier that way!

  3. That just means you complement each other nicely, that's all.

  4. You're probably right, Nevets. He's an intellectual. I'm not. End of (as people annoyingly say in the UK, but probably not in the US?).

  5. In the US we're more apt to leave words off the beginning of sentences or phrases than off the end of... them.