Monday 14 February 2011

Moving house...?

I hate moving house. I hate everything about it. The planning, the upheaval, the throwing things out and cleaning things up, the packing, the saying good-bye - everything. My mother loved it. She said she preferred it to spring cleaning (I don't do that, either, and I don't think she did) and my parents were the only people I've ever come across who actually lost money on every house they bought.

When we last moved, we swore we'd never move again. We've been here eleven years and we love this house. It's a tall terraced Georgian town house (that sounds posh, but it isn't at all) with lots of stairs (it's a 72-stair up-and-down trip if you're at the top of the house and you've got to go and fetch something from the bottom) and no storage space and only a tiny courtyard (I love gardening, but have got very used indeed to not having to mow a lawn).

But it looks as though we may be moving on after all. We miss our children and grandchildren, and want to be a bit closer. I want to be able to go to nativity plays and sports days, and have them for a day as and when I (and they) want. But they all live in commuterland, and can we afford commuterland? Probably not. We're having the house valued tomororow, and fingers crossed that it's worth a lot more than I think it is. Otherwise we'll be moving into something very small indeed.

Now more than ever I need to produce that bestselling novel. And soon.


  1. Good luck with the appraisal, Frances!

    I hate moving, but my wife and I have moved every two years since 2005, and I actually have these weird antsy feeling that it's about time to get moving again. It's annoying as heck. lol

  2. Nevets, what's antsy? Adn why do you move every two years?

  3. We are about to move. Its been on, then off, then on again. My life is in cardboard boxes. But when its all over I'm sure we'll be glad we did - I'm looking forward to my new "office" that I can safely ignore and type as usual on a laptop on the sofa! Good luck with your move, hope your house turns out to be worth more than you think...

  4. "Antsy" = restless, fidgety, metaphorically like the feeling of having ants crawl on your legs.

    Moving was to grad school, back from grad school to one town, then to another town closer to work.

    Not insane, but enough to build a rhythm, especially when I'm not really settled on staying where I am anyway.

    Hence, antsy. :)

  5. Dee - where are you going? Are you staying in your area? Wherever it is, very good luck with it. We will have to downsize in a spctacular fashion if we do move. Several tons of books, anyone?

    Nevets - I suppose I should have worked that one out! I guess moving a lot does at least mean you don't accumulate too much stuff.