Friday 11 February 2011

Who are you?

Blogs are funny things. We write them for all kinds of reasons (I know I'm in overdrive at the moment because I'm waiting for direction from my agent as to what to write next). My blog started off as part of a (rather unsuccessful) publcity drive, but now I enjoy it for its own sake, especially as I don't keep a diary.

What fascinates me is the visitors. Yesterday, I had about 60 hits, but where from? Who are these (very welcome) visitors? They seem to come from all over the world - Latvia, for example - but very few leave comments, so I've no idea who any of them are. It's a bit like finding out that 60 people have come to your door (or maybe even one person 60 times?) while you were out. The wonderful Nevets is a regular vistor, and always comments, and others comment as and when they want to. But there must be a vast majority who never comment at all, and I'd love to know who they (you?) are...?


  1. I wonder the same thing when I look at the hits on my website, Frances - although I've been told some of them are businesses checking out web addresses to find out who you are and whether they can target you. Boring!
    But ... I must be thick. I've been on Blogger for quite a while but don't know how you look at the number of hits. Please enlighten me!

  2. I wonder the same thing when I look at my stats. I know that at least some of them are businesses, some are "accidental" hits, but I'm also positive that a decent portion of them are folks who never comment. It's like being teased.

    So, hey, strangers, help Frances out. She's a nice person. Introduce yourself to her.

  3. Hi, Olivia. I've only just discovered the hits thing. You go to your dashboard, and then find "stats" and click on that. Quite intriguing (and another excellent way to waste time). But I've yet to find out how to remove myself (ie my viewings) from the stats. There's a thing you can click on to remove yourself, but it doesn't work!

    Nevets - thanks for the introduction!

  4. Wow, thanks for that info, Frances! I've just wasted ... (sorry, spent!) ... a pleasant 10 minutes looking through my stats! Fascinating! I can actually feel a new post coming on, about this ... so thanks again!

  5. Glad to be of help, Olivia! This has to be some kind of first: me helping someone else with something technical. Perhaps there's hope after all!