Monday 21 February 2011

University Challenge

I just had to tell anyone who's interested (and probably several who are not) that I got 14 - yes FOURTEEN - questions right during tonight's University Challenge. Some people go through life hoovering up facts (I have two small grandsons who do this), and others, like me, manage to bypass nearly all of them. Hence, my general knowledge is beyond hopeless. So I am always amazed at the sheer scope of the knowledge of the contestants, and wonder how it is that such young people can have packed so much knowledge into their heads in such a relativley short time.

John and I compete to see who can get the most questions right (usually he does), but tonight he's out playing bridge (another thing I can't do) so I was on my own, with no-one to impress. I usually get the classical music ones right, but not much else. Tonight, I excelled myself.


  1. Way to put the world in its place!

  2. 14 is a very good score! (I never get the music ones, but I'm not bad on plant based questions)

    You're right that it's impressive these young people are so well informed on such a range of questions.

  3. Hi Patsy. Do you think their brains are bigger, like taxi drivers who've done the knowledge?

    My brain is tiny.

  4. I often do relatively well on UC, not because I know all the answers but because I'm a better than average guesser. I find that if I have a passing acquaintance with the subject in question I can often hazard an educated guess.
    But for every ten questions I get right I can only - hand on heart - say I categorically knew the answer to one!
    Still not sure I know as much as some of these guys though!

  5. Just watched it on iPlayer. You're right, it is amazing how they have so much knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. It's a programme I never miss.

  6. Alis, I suspect your more clever than you're admitting to. (And would certainly never end a sentence with a preposition.)

    HI, Keith. It's not only a matter of remembering all this stuff - a huge feat, of course - but actually coming across it in the first place. I must have led a very sheltered life.