Friday 25 February 2011

Sausage quota

We're always being told what to eat, right? Five-a-day, no chips, no fat, no fun. And drink (one glass of wine. Red, of course). Well, now it's two sausages a day. That's what's recommended. No more than two sausages a day (or two rashers of bacon), or "the equivalent". What is the equivalent of two sausages a day? Why two? Why sausages?

The world's going mad.


  1. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in but I can't stop laughing out loud in my office at the thought of a daily recommended allowance of two sausage of their diety equivalent.

    Oh my goodness, so funny....

  2. Now, stop laughing, Nevets, and get on with your work.

    (It probably only applies in Britain. I'm sure the US would let you have three).

  3. I'd much rather have the bacon, preferably in a nice white bread sandwich, and crisped to the point of incineration.

    Or, if we're being more upmarket, how about pancetta, the co-star of my current favourite recipe, chicken and mushroom casserole.

  4. ...followed by your ice cream and blueberry pudding, Tim (equivalent of at least four sausages).

  5. Is that two EVERY day? That sounds like plenty - assuming they've got a few chops with them and some liver, a couple of eggs and half a tomato to make it healthy. Good. Glad we've got breakfast sorted.

    What do 'they' think we should have for lunch?

  6. Not quite clear, Patsy. It was in The Times, and I was so shocked that I didn't take it all in. But you can have the "equivalent" (whatever that means) instead.

    Lunch? A nut cutlet and a glass of water. Oh - and broccoli. We mustn't forget the broccoli.

  7. I'm very keen on doubling my daily fat intake and must buy a bigger shopping basket ( as a brocolli fan , I'll still need room for a clump or two of that , too ).
    Shall you tell my specialist or shall I ?
    (P.S. Don't panic , I'm not a heart patient! )