Tuesday 8 February 2011

Russian babies

I'm overdoing the blogging today, but there was a very entertaining piece on the news this evening about the Russians, who apparently have taken to swinging their newborn babies around by one leg in order to increase their brain power (or something)*. Apparently, it was on YouTube, but it's been banned. Because of the safety issues, you understand. Well, I say that if the Russians want to swing their babies around (and those babies don't mind too much), why not? And aren't they lucky not to have Big Brother spoiling all the fun?

I wonder whether they got the idea from Michael Jackson?

*There's a special name for this practice - of course - but I've forgotten what it is. Maybe someone should have swung me around by my leg when I was a baby. To late now, sadly.


  1. but how would you know if the baby minds or not?

  2. Nevets, it's unlikely to happen to you (unless you're very small indeed?).

    Hi, Jane. They interviewed a woman during the process (I gather there were lots of people doing this swing-in together) and there wasn't any crying. But perhaps all the breath had been swung out of the poor little things!

  3. Hi Frances... well that's a relief..I think....

  4. Hi again, Jane. Yes. Here's hoping. But the mind does boggle (no doubt like the minds of all those poor babies).

  5. It is unlikely to happen to me unless I get back into an aikido class or take up judo instead...