Wednesday 2 March 2011

Another French edition

Apparently The Birds, the Bees and Other Secrets is doing ok in France, and they've just brought out this large print version. Even more chocolate-boxy than the smaller edition, but (bewildering title notwithstanding) rather smart in a coffee table kind of way...?


  1. Look at that! Got to be happy with that. My Hebrew edition of Light Reading sank without trace, I think.

  2. Frances! That's so exciting! :-D

    And at least the title is true, even if bewildering.

  3. Thanks, both.

    Aliya - did you get paid for the Hebrew edition? I do hope so. Can you not find out from the Rights department what's happening? I've found them very helpful.

    Nevets, yes. The title is true. And the moon is yellow. That's true, too. But it hasn't got much to do with anything!

  4. Wowetty wow! A foreign edition is always something to bask in!

    They never seem to translate titles literally, do they?

  5. Thanks, Tim. There have now been three French editions, with (between them) two titles and three different covers (one of the titles had cabbages in it. I think they were right to do away with the cabbages).


  6. Even my own German edition, which was translated by one of pals as a hobby project, got a changed title.

    Who are we to understand the connotations of our work in foreign tongues! (Although surely the cabbages could never have been a good idea).