Monday 7 March 2011

Stylish blog award

Someone very kindly gave me this award last week, but I was in a rush, and I can't remember who! So whoever it was, please forgive me, and thank you again (I did thank them at the time, but I think my thanks were on the donor's blog and not mine). Please remind me who you are!

Since I blog rather a lot (far too much at the moment, because I'm waiting for publishing news, and blogging helps with the waiting), I feel that any readers probably already know more than enough about me already, but here are seven short things:

1. I hate heights and deadlines.
2. My son and son-in-law are both rheumatologists, but orthopaedic surgeons would be more useful (see below).
3. I've broken my back twice...
4. ...and a toe, an elbow, a wrist, another toe, and (probably) a collar bone.
5. I've been in love with horses since I was about seven (three of Nos.3-4 were horse-related. The rest were carelessness).
6. I lost my virginity on a top bunk*.
7. I have never cleaned an oven.
*Not recommended, for all sorts of reasons.

I will now think about whom I should pass the award on to. Quite a few of my favourite blogs already have it, so this may not be easy.


  1. Hi Frances,
    It was me who sent the award your way. Love your replies. Especially the bunk one...

  2. Thank you, Suzy, and apologies for forgetting. It was that kind of week!

  3. you're fun.
    nobody ever blogged too much, although it does rather take up a lot of time which could be more gainfully employed. (actually, can you 'employ' time? Probably not)

    Thanks for visiting Fridge Soup. Sorry, but FS doesn't return visits.

    Greetings from Friko's World where I blog far too much.

  4. Hi, Friko. I think I can live without visits from Fridge Soup, provided I'm allowed to visit FS myself!

  5. I love these replies! The bunk one has made me smile.

  6. Thanks, Joanna!

    The bunk. Hmmm. Maybe not my proudest moment...