Wednesday 23 March 2011

A very boring post about calendars

I am disorganised. So I need a diary. Being too mean to buy more of those very expensive Filofax pages, at the beginning of the year I bought a page-a-day diary. Quite a nice one. So far so good.

But it doesn't work. It's no good looking at one page at a time, because you (or I) need to see that day in the context of the whole month. I need to see all the things that are happening around it, so that if there are clusters of things all happening close together, then I know that that is not the time to invite twenty people to dinner or re-carpet the stairs. Furthermore, I need to see it all up on the wall, clearly, staring at me, challenging me to forget an appointment or a birthday.

So today I went shopping for a calendar. Not easy in March, as I discovered, but I finally ran one to ground in a card shop. I had a choice of Vintage Transport or Warplanes (I would have preferred plain, but never mind). So I now have a Vintage Transport calendar hanging above my desk (complete with March picture - a "1908 Vulcan Roi des Belges", no less - which looks like a cross between a Tesco trolley and a pushchair), and inefficiency will be a thing of the past.

(Apologies to anyone who has managed to get to the end of this exceptionally boring post. All I can say it that you were warned. But I'm currently suffering from a form of writer's block (see post below) and buying calendars and writing about them beats doing housework.)


  1. Even a month-at-a-time calendar isn't enough for us, Frances. As well as one of those, we've also got a year's worth of wall planner on the cellar stairwell (just behind the door where the calendar hangs if you're interested) so we can account for the comings and goings of the two memebers of the family at university... so much easier to count off weeks when you can see the whole year!

  2. Hi Frances

    I am quite organised - although if you look in my cupboards and garage you would think not; might need 'it' in ten years time so store it!

    I have never needed a diary but interestingly enough, I came across one that has been there all the time on Google mail. Don't know whether you are on Google mail, budt if not, I am sure there must be one on your email page!

    Anna :o]

  3. Alis, a year's planner is a really great idea! I wonder where I can get one...Market day tomorrow. They have most things. I'll keep you posted (if I haven't bored everyone to death by then).

    H, Anna. I'm not on Google mail, but it's an idea. I'll have a look. The thing about having it on the wall is that it's THERE. I can't miss it (I probably can, but it stands a good chance of being noticed!).

  4. What a good idea, even if I'm just thinking of it now because of your (definitely not boring) post! I only use the Mslexia diary on my desk and it's been fine for years since I can see a whole week at a time.

    But I never thought of seeing the bigger picture - which I very much need over the next few months when my novel comes out and I'm being interviewed on various blogs. No wonder I'm desperately flicking backwards and forwards sorting dates!

  5. Glad to be of help, Rosemary, and good luck with the new novel!