Thursday 10 March 2011

The scarf revisited

Well, spurred on by a certain amount of cyber advice, and trying to learn from my mistakes, I went back to have another look at The Scarf. And I still love it. But I'd forgotten my voucher. So I have reserved it (well, that's the next best thing, isn't it?) and also its little friend, a flimsy pretty cotton number. That makes two scarves. And I'd still have change from my voucher.

Now all I have to do is make up my mind to go back and actually buy them...


  1. Good for you, Frances! You'll have to go back and buy them now because we want to see photos!

  2. I will, Teresa. I will.


  3. That's almost a decision! I'm impressed and, like Teresa, I want to see the photos.

  4. You've turned accessory shopping into an Art form !
    And now there are two little floaty scarves .....

  5. We definitely need to see a photo now, Frances! I love scarves - I have far too many and yet still collect more (some of them gifts).

  6. Hi S&S. You're right. If half a pickled cow can be an art form, why not a woman dithering over scarves?

    Hi, Rosemary. I suppose I could photograph the scarves in the shop, post the photo, and solicit yet more advice. Which would delay the whole process a bit longer...