Thursday 3 March 2011

Indecision and necklines

I can't make decisions. I've never been able to, especially when shopping. One of my sons is the same. We both prefer to browse through catalogues. This way, there's no-one breathing down our necks saying can they help us? (No. Leave us alone).

But this too has a downside. Because one can dither over a catalogue, too, and when I've finally decided that that really is THE top (pair of boots, jeans, whatever) I HAVE to have, it's sold out. Only in my size and my chosen colour, but sold out.

It's about to happen again. Another (non-dithering) son gave me a voucher for Christmas for the wonderful Bluestone Gallery in Devizes. It sells beautiful hand-made jewellery, ceramics, prints, silk scarves. I even like its knick knacks (I'm not usually a knick knack kind of person, not least because that sort of thing needs dusting). They have, for example, lovely little china sheep. I don't want one, but I love them just the same.

I've just been in there this morning, browsing with my voucher. I looked at the beautiful hand-made silk scarves, and imagined myself looking like Judy Dench, who wears her age (and her scarves) so elegantly. I've got to the age where I need to cover up my neck, because everything is beginning to drift southwards, and this scarf would look great. Lovely E (I don't want to embarrass her by giving her name) modelled it for me, told me the best way to tie it, assured me it would look great on me. But did I buy it? Of course I didn't. Do I want it? I think so. Will it still be there next week, when I finally decide to buy it? Of course it won't Sigh.


  1. Oh I know just how you feel. I'm indecisive too. I even do it with blogs - I make a comment then decide not to post it but to come back and do it later, then I can't remember if I have or not so I end up not commenting at all. I also waffle as you may have noticed!

    Phone them up and ask them to keep the scarf for you! Don't let it get away!

  2. Yeah, go on, buy it. (I'm really good at making decisions - as long as they're for other people)

  3. Glad I've got on to your blog at last, Frances! Yes, I definitely identify with the indecision. Just this morning, I was bemoaning the fact that a jacket I loved in M&S is no longer there, now that I have enough money to actually buy it! All those weeks trying to decide if I should, or shouldn't, have come to naught.

  4. Hi, Teresa. Yes - I've even gone back and obliterated an unsuitable post after having second thoughts, praying that no-one's already read it!

    Patsy - I think I will. Probably...

    Rosemary, welcome! And commiserations about the jacket. The trouble is, as soon as you know you can't have whatever it is (was), it becomes the one thing in the world you really can't live withou, doesn't it.

  5. Hi Frances.
    Go back in the morning for the scarf. Then take a picture of it and post on your blog for us. Hope you don't mind me adding you to my stylish blog award list? I knew you were going for that scarf you see. No obligations. I had mine from my favourite story writer Teresa Ashby.

  6. Hi, Suzy. I'm away for the next day or two looking after smallest grandson, but may well buy the scarf next week, provided it's still there...and I'll try to post a photo!

    And thank you so much for the award! I'll got and see what I have to do next...pass it on?

  7. I'm just the same, Indecisive. I thought about setting up a club for people like us, but then I thought that no one would be able to make up their minds whether to join or not. And we wouldn't be able to make up our minds what to call ourshelves either ;-)

    Go for whatever makes you happy...

  8. Hi, Jarnara. Ditherers anonymous? Possibly? But then again...

  9. I do hope your scarf is still there when you go back. If not, it sounds like there are lots of other wonderful things to choose from. Shops like that are lovely and a nice change from all the chain stores that are taking over our high streets.

  10. Hi, Joanna.Yes - Devizes, abounds in lovely little shops like this (and tea and coffee shops.Mustn't forfote those), but this one is the best.

    As for the scarf, I've been practising today with another scarf, and am developing The Look. But I still don't look like Judi Dench. (Verification word: sweet. Is that a good omen?)

  11. Sorry - Joanne, not Joanna! Slip of the fingers!

  12. There must be strong Libra energy in your birthchart! My Mom's a Libra and drives us crazy with the whole should I buy it/shouldn't I buy it...then when she eventually goes back, of course it's gone! So, Frances, rush and buy it now - before someone else buys it!

    My problem is the opposite...I buy without thinking it through and then suffer buyer's remorse!

    PS I laughed at Teresa's comment about indecisive commenting.
    Judy (South Africa)

  13. Hi, Judy. I know someone who says "never buy anything unless you love it" (particularly clothes) "because if you don't love it now, you certainly won't when you get it home". This is so true. I have a cupboard full of things I have never loved (and probably never did love. Oh dear).

    PS I'm an Aquarius. Probably not significant...?