Monday 14 March 2011

Nanny comes to dinner

Apparently there is a move afoot to make restaurants put the calorie content beside all the dishes on their menus. Isn't that a great idea? Just when you thought you had escaped from your diet for an evening, there it will be, lurking among the prawn cocktails and the garlic mushrooms. There will no doubt be a choice of fat soup (500 calories) or thin soup (5 calories). You will be able to choose from plain steak (250 calories), steak with jus (300 calories), steak with jus and broccoli (305 calories), or steak and chips (5000 calories). There. Simple, isn't it?

And the puddings. Oh, the puddings! There we'll all be, with our little calorie counters, totting up what we've eaten so far, ditching the bread and butter pudding in favour of the sorbet, because we overdid it with that creamy peppercorn sauce.

I can't wait. Can you?


  1. Oh for goodness sake! Is there no end to the ruination of enjoyment in this country?!!

  2. We are forbidden to enjoy in ourselves apart from the satisfaction of a regulated life of good health and moderate achievement, and the reward of knowing that we have neither annoyed nor disappointed anyone among the faceless masses.

  3. This is bad - for one thing it'll be much more difficult and expensive for the small restaurants and cafes to do this than for the big chains. Everything seems stacked against small businesses and variety and choice.

    Why just the calorie count? Shouldn't they list the ingredients, give the medical history of the chef, say how much fat there is, warn of stuff we might be allergic to, say where each ingredient comes from, if it's cruelty free and ethically sourced? That stuff is just as important, surely?

    It would make for big menusthough.

  4. Well said, Patsy! Good point about the smaller outlets, too. As you say, they always seem to suffer the most.

  5. When are they going to leave us adults to take some responsibility for our own actions. I know that steak and chips has more calories than I should probably eat but I'm not eating it every day so why can't they leave me alone to enjoy it when I do?

  6. Hi, Colette. You're right. It's time they left us alone to kill ourselves in whichever way we wish. They haven't started on motor cyclists or mountaineers yet, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.