Sunday 6 March 2011

Our relationship with water

Okay, so this is a rather slender excuse to post another photo of Lucas (I've been looking after him this week-end), but I've always been facinated by our relationship with water. Not just water to drink and wash in, but water to look at, swim in, paddle in, and sit by. Isn't it interesting that we are happy just to sit by water; lakes, streams, the sea - it doesn't matter which. We'll sit and picnic by it, fish in it, watch it, photograph it, whatever. You see crowds of people sitting on beaches on (increasingly rare) hot summer days. Just sitting and looking. They wouldn't dream of facing the other way round, however fascinating the view.

I love swimming in the sea. I hate swimming pools, but swimming in deep sea water is the next best thing to flying (and I know this, because I do a lot of flying in my dreams). The sense of freedom, the taste of takes a lot of beating.


  1. It fascinates me too.
    Lucas is gorgeous :-)

  2. Water is my favourite element, Frances, and my husband and I take every chance to walk beside the sea. And I've loved swimming since a tot - agree about swimming in the sea.

    Lovely photo!

  3. Hi, Teresa. Yes - it's odd that peole are happy just to sit looking at water; not doing anyting with/in it, but just looking. Maybe it's a back to the womb thing...

    Hi, Rosemary. There's something about the sea, isnt' there. Pools seem pointless somehow (round and round, or back and forth), unless it's very very hot. And even then I'm not tempted.

    Yes. Lucas is a particularly beautiful baby. But we had a rather miserable weekend as he was unwell. But his bath cheered him up, as you can see. Back to the pleasures of water!