Friday 11 March 2011

Scarves; the finale

Well, I bought them, and here they are. This photo does not do them justice, but never mind. I love them. The one on the right is the originl silk one, and on the left, the flimsy little cotton one. A Sunday one and an everyday one.

Okay. That's enough now. I promise not to mention scarves again.


  1. They both look very scarfy! I hope you enjoy wearing them.

  2. Yes. Scarfy's about all you can say from that pic! Thanks, Patsy.

  3. scarves are fun, writing about them is fun too; tell me more.
    Has anyone offered to strangle you with one?

    Of course you may think about joining FS. I know all about wasting time blogging. Sigh.
    Real writing and reading ? What's that?

  4. Lovely - I particularly like the flimsy one, but they both look as if they'd feel soft and comfy.
    Good for you for getting them both, Frances.

  5. Thanks, Friko and Teresa.

    Now I've just got to make up my mind to wear them...

  6. A tale of two scarves! I'm glad it all ended happily.