Thursday 31 March 2011

A frustrating morning/dustpans and brushes

I've had a frustrating morning, what with going to the market twice (the first time to do my shopping, and the second time to go back for all the things I'd left behind), and then I forgot my name in the chemist's.

But the high point was overhearing a woman asking a stallholder if he had a cream* dustpan and brush, and then going away disappointed, because he hadn't. And it set me wondering whether perhaps she'd just had her kitchen done up, and wanted a matching dustpan and brush, or whether she just fancied the colour, or whether she thought it would brighten up the dull job of housework, or maybe she just wanted something pretty to show her friends. Then I tried to remember what colour our dustpan and brush is/are. Blue, I think, but I don't think the brush matches.

I'll have to go and look.

*An unwise choice, because it will show up the dirt. And cream's a horrible colour.