Friday 22 July 2011

Baby names and book sales

Apparently sales of To Kill a Mockingbird have rocketed since the news that the Beckhams have named their baby daughter after its author, Harper Lee.

So we've misssed the boat, guys. I doubt whether the Beckhams will have any more children, so even if they've read my books (which is unlikely), there will be no Dead Ernest Beckham; no Birds and Bees Beckham (actually, I rather like that one). But if anyone knows of any pregnant celebrities who are looking for ideas, do please point them in my direction.

Thank you.


  1. Dead Earnest Beckham... now, wouldn't that make a great character for a novel about an American Indian?

    To Kill a Mockingbird is a book I truly liked when I read it in my teens, and from what I remember, the movie starring Gregory Peck was very well done. Hopefully, people who have bought the book only because of the Beckhams will a) read it and b) come to appreciate it the way it deserves.

  2. I quite agree. I loved that book, and it deserves any publicity it can get!

  3. I'm off to write my next novel - Mr X and the Superinjunction. Obviously I can't tell anyone what it's about or name the characters and no one will be allowed to read it, but I assure you it's entirely in the public's interest for them to buy it.

  4. Patsy, you may be on to a winner!