Wednesday 20 July 2011

Horse diaries (and crop circles)

Well the crop circle visitors keep on coming; busloads and carloads of them, from all over the world. Which is fine. But today, they came bearing umbrellas. Big black umbrellas. For Titch, who has never seen an umbrella before, this was an OMG moment.

Titch: Bloody hell! What's that?
Me: It's an umbrella.
Titch: Well, it looks like a large bat to me.
Me: Don't be ridiculous. Besides, you've never seen a bat.
Titch: No. But I've read about them (this is a lie, and we both know it. Horses have very small brains, and they can't read).
Titch (going backwards): A weapon then. It's a weapon!
Me: Of course it's not. It's for keeping people dry.
Titch: What about that pointy bit on top? I don't like the look of the pointy bit.
Me (we are still travelling backwards): Well, the pointy bit on top can be a nuisance.
Titch: I knew it! I'm out of here!

After an argument, and some leaping about (not helped by the smiling if totally uncomprehending approach of the umbrella-bearers) we manage to go on our way.

Titch: Phew! that was a near miss. Am I brave, or am I brave?
Me: No.

We make our way home. We are both soaked to the skin, and Titch is in a very bad mood. We're both having holidays next week. I think we need time away from each other.


  1. Poor Titch! You'd think people would have better things to do with their time than go round the countryside waving their brollies about and gawping at crop circles - they'd scare me too!

  2. Titch says thank you, Teresa. He's glad someone understands.

  3. Hope you both have a restful holiday Frances!

  4. So many things to be scared of in the countryside! Perhaps you should let Titch go on that cruise to get away from it all.

  5. Thanks, Alis. You too.

    Hi, Joanne. Sadly, Titch hasn't saved up enough for the cruise, so he's opting for a week playing in a field with his friends, with strictly NO ROUGH GAMES. (He tends to return from these forays covered with cuts and scratches.)

  6. Our pony loathed umbrellas. He took off at speed from a gymkhana when someone pushed their way into the field through a hedge (scary enough)while brandishing a large umbrella.
    He galloped out and down the lane with my daughter on his back, clinging on for dear life, over- excited anyway from winning the bending race in record time while some of the other ponies were still prancing on the start-line.
    I ran after them (oddly in heels and waterproof trousers with my handbag flapping), arriving home long after my daughter and pony were settled and sorted.
    Umbrellas should be banned.

  7. Hi, Joanna. That sounds terrifying!(And brings back happy memories of the bending competitions when I was a kid - my pony invariably won. But my bending days are over...)