Sunday 3 July 2011

Too late for a meringue

Last week-end, my beautiful niece Holly got married, and she looked breathtaking in her meringue dress (see photo above). "It's the only day in my life when I can wear a meringue," Holly told me, "and that's what I'm going to wear."

Good for Holly. Nowadays, the trend seems to be for simple and clingy, and that too can look wonderful. And let's face it; few people can get away with wearing a meringue (Holly is pencil-slim and looks good in just about anything).

I wasn't allowed a meringue, or indeed anything white, on my wedding day. Before my wedding, my mother took me shopping in Fenwicks. As I veered towards the bridal department, she pulled me firmly in the opposite direction.

"You can't get married in white," she told me. "You're not a virgin."

So I got married in pink. But there's a bit of me that still hankers after a meringue. Just the once.


  1. Holly did indeed look breathtaking in her gorgeous meringue. My niece is getting married next April and won't tell any of us what her dress is like, so curiosity is almost killing us!

    Why don't you and your hubby redo the aisle waltz on your next big anniversary...then you can wear a meringue in whatever colour you want! :) And you'll look just as gorgeous as Holly did!

    Judy, South Africa

  2. My son gets married next month and I've had to buy my first suit for about thirty years. Thank goodness for Tesco.

  3. I only like meringues if they're edible! LOL ♥

  4. Same as Jinksy. I'd love to get my hands on a meringue as big as that dress ... it wouldn't last long. Add cream and strawberries. Yum.

  5. Judy, sadly my first husband died, so we can never really redo that (and in any case, he couldn't dance!).

    Keith - a Tesco suit. Hmmm.

    Jinksy and Fran - oddly enough, I make brilliant meringues. In fact they used to be my only party pudding (on the whole, I'm not much of a cook). Of course, they have to be gooey in the middle. Not like those crisp, brittle, bought ones.

  6. What a gorgeous dress! It does look lovely, good for your niece for getting the dress she wanted! And if only virgins wore white at their weddings nowadays, there would be very few white wedding gowns sold LOL.

  7. True, Karen. And white has never really suited me...

  8. Frances, you could cook up a huge meringue and eat your way into it.

  9. Great photo, Frances - seems to be the season for weddings, with or without the meringue!

    Loved the pink outfit story - many brides wear ivory now instead of white.

  10. Oh, Frances, so sorry to hear that.
    :( Well I'm sure you were just as beautiful to him in your pink dress as you would have been in your meringue. ((hugs))

  11. Now you're being silly, Patsy!

    Rosemary, I don't even think I would have got away with ivory. I was a very bad girl (sigh. Those were the days...).

    Thanks, Judy. Actually, the pink was lovely!

  12. Frances, why not do what a friend of mine did and buy a secondhand meringue, keep it under wraps and float around the house in it, indulging a dream while there's no-one around?