Wednesday 6 July 2011

Horse diaries - update

So off I go to try Titch's new fly sheet on him. It is white and shiny and new, and Titch is not pleased.

Titch: What is THAT?
Me: It's your new fly sheet.
Titch: You mean, you're expecting me to WEAR it?
Me: Of course.
Titch: What, now?
Me: Of course now. It was expensive, and I need to make sure it fits.

There follows a lengthy struggle. There are a lot of straps and fastenings, and Titch has a tiny waist, so there has to be a lot of adjustment. But we're finally done.

Me: There. Isn't that great?
Titch (who has by now turned his face to the wall): I look ridiculous!
Me: No, you don't. And it'll keep the flies off.
Titch: What flies? (Today is cool and it's true; there aren't any).
Me: The flies you were making such a fuss about on Monday.
Titch: Hmph. (He knows I'm right)

So I take the fly sheet off again, relieved that it fits, because by now its ungrateful new owner has shat on it, and off we go for a hack. It's quite a nice day, and we both cheer up. We come across New Age people doing mystical things in the middle of a new crop circle. The crop circle is not a particularly good one, but that never seems to deter the visitors.

Titch (gazing at them scornfully): Silly buggers.

And I have to say, I agree with him.


  1. You put a lovely picture in my head of Titch and you, but could we have a picture of him please. Without the Fly Sheet as I won't want to spoil his street-cred' :-)

  2. I was already smiling when I got to the bit "its ungrateful new owner has shat on it," and I burst out laughing! I bet he loves it really, he just doesn't want to admit it.
    (And what a lovely picture I have in my mind of him gazing scornfully at the New Age people).

  3. Jarmara - I've just had a hunt round and there's a picture of Titch on my post of 20th. February if you can be bothered to look! He is very beuatiful, and boy, does he know it!

    Hi, Teresa. I'm afraid we're all a bit cynical around here where crop circles are concerned. There's a pub near the stables where the circle-makers meet up and plot!
    And no. Sadly I don't think Titch does love his new rug. He was in a very bad mood this morning. Ungrateful animal.

  4. Titch is obviously a young man of taste and discernment!

  5. Maybe that's how I can get out of wearing a suit for my son's wedding.

  6. He is, Rosemary. He is (or thinks he is).

    Keith - why not borrow the fly sheet for the wedding (although you might be mistaken for the bride)? I'll even wash the s**t off it for you!

  7. I love your conversations with Titch - so funny! We impute similar dialogue to our cats which keeps us amused and off the streets...

  8. Alis, who said anything about impute? Titch is a highly eloquent thoroughbred.

    Now, let's hear it from your cats!

  9. I looked at the 20th Feb and found a very funny film of walking Geoffrey who didn't want to walk....:-) But no Titch :-(

  10. Ooops! Sorry, Jarmara. I'll try to find it and let you know. Watch this space!