Tuesday 19 July 2011

Fiction is good for you!

Well, it's what we all knew, isn't it, but now it's official: fiction is good for you. A Canadian psychologist has carried out research, and has concluded that "habitual readers of novels were much better at coping with social situations and with a wide range of human beings".

This is excellent news on lots of levels, not least because now, when I go on holiday, and sit reading a book rather than traipsing round a museum, I know that I'm not being lazy; I'm becoming a better person. Of course, I can do my reading at home, while this may be my only opportunity to see the museum, but never mind. (I was put off museums many years ago, when, after a school visit to the British Museum, we were hauled over the coals for pulling faces at the people in the cars behind from the back of the coach. That, and the mummies, is all I can rememeber about that trip.)

(I can't imagine that the book in the picture could be good for anyone, but then it's not fiction. I chose it because it caught my eye. Is there much of a market for this kind of thing?)


  1. Nothing wrong with museums, really - but each at its own due time. While I love reading (who would have thought that from my nickname here...!), I also love museums, galleries, exhibitions and fairs - and a whole lot of other activities. The secret lies, as with so many other things in life, in the balance, and there is certainly no rule for that which applies to everyone, such as a set ratio of 3:5 (3 books after 5 museum visits, or the other way round) :-)

  2. You're right, of course, but I think there must be something wrong with me. I just can't get excited about musems. (I am not proud of this.)

  3. I just have to hold a book in my hands to feel good. Some museums I like - depends on the museum and my mood. I think I prefer little ones run by volunteers to those big, glossy ones!

  4. Teresa, my feelings exactly! And the thing about holidays is you can read all day without thinking you ought to be doing something else (like visiting museums...)