Monday 4 July 2011

Horsey heaven

For my daughter, it's "little tops" (she has a huge collection of these); for my daughter-in-law it's shoes (ditto); for others, it's coats or beads or whatever. But for me, it's horsey stuff.

Near us, is a place that is horsey heaven. A huge establishment with friendly horsey staff and an enormous selection of everything a horse or its rider could possible need (and, unfortunately, a whole lot of things s/he doest't, but nonetheless would love to own). Lovely horse rugs, shiny new bits, spanking new leather bridles, gleaming stirrups - even the brightly coloured leading ropes are tempting. As every horse-owner knows, these things only stay beautiful for about a day, becasue once your horse has rolled in the mud, a rug is just another rug; ditto most of the other things. But boy, are they tempting.

So because the badness of last week seems to be leaking into this one, John, who has a special fund for these things (also connected with horses, but we won't go into that), took me along to spend some money. And after buying a white fly sheet (a fine mesh rug for keeping the flies off the horse) with lovely blue straps, and some outrageously expensive denim jodhpurs, somehow the week doesn't seem nearly so bad after all.


  1. Nothing like retail therapy (even if it's only horsey stuff you buy!) to vastly improve a week! :)
    Judy, South Africa

  2. ONLY horsey stuff? Judy - I'm lost for words!

  3. Love the way we each have a certain type of retail therapy to get us through those darker days! Apart from browsing in clothes sales, I'm always attracted to staionery and second hand books.

  4. "Retail therapy" -- I like that concept of therapy :-).

    It reminds me of some of my residents in the dementia unit who used to go to other residents' rooms to "shop" non-stop. Staff was always getting them out of those rooms and returning "the stuff" back to the unaware owners. I now realized that the "shoppers" were always female residents :-D))


  5. Hi, Doris. Yes - it seems to be a woman thing. One of my sons makes a very good shopping companion - ie waits patiently, takes an interest etc - but come to think of it, doesn't actually do any of the spending!

  6. Rsoemary - I forgot second-hand books! They're (almost) as good as the horsey stuff. I think it's partly the smell...?