Sunday 10 July 2011

Where does spinach go (and other questions)?

Tonight we are having spinach, and as I looked at the (large) packet, I wondered (not for the first time) where exactly does spinach go? You know the phenomenon; you start off with lots of spinach, and within seconds, all you have is a small, wet pile of something that looks like seaweed.

And then there are all those other imponderables:
Why do people almost invariably start up their engines before doing up their seat belts?
Why do we (women) open our mouths when putting on eye make-up?
Why (when giving directions over the phone) do we use our hands to demonstrate, knowing perfectly well that the person we're talking to can't see us?
Do spiders sleep?
What are wasps for?
Why do people always speak so much more loudly when on their mobiles (especially on trains)?
Where are all those odd socks?

(And why am I wasting time doing this, when I have a meal to cook?)


  1. After having lunch in the sun yesterday I too am wondering what wasps are for.

  2. Look at it from the wasp's (or any other wild fauna of your choice's) point of view - what are people for? Nothing but a damn nuisance.

    On the other points - if you tied my hands behind my back I wouldn't be able to explain anything - directions or otherwise - so I'm obviously gesticulating for my benefit (helps me articulate?!) not for that of my listener!

  3. I think spiders do sleep - I found one tucked up in my bed once!!

  4. I start the engine first in case it doesn't start, in which case I've wasted time doing up my seatbelt.

    Wasp larvae eat greenfly, I believe. That's a worthwhile reason for existing, in my opinion. But then, what are greenfly for? (Feeding wasp larvae...)

  5. Lynne - we sometimes give wasps their own saucer of jam to keep them occupied.

    Alis, good point (about the wasps). As for the hands, I think we all do it, but it's very amusing to watch!

    Teresa, how do you know it was asleep? Were it's eight (?) eyes all closed?

    Hi, Isabelle. Re the seatbelt, you may well have hit on the answer, thouigh I guess non-starting cars aren't as common as they used to be. I have terrifying memories of pushing a car full of children/babies down a steep lane to get it started, and then leaping in just before it reached the main road.

  6. I always have that spinach problem too. I think I've put in far too much, then it turns out to be nowhere near enough!

    I remember starting my car by getting it to roll down a hill one frosty morning. Once I'd set it in motion, it picked up speed really fast and I was incredibly lucky I managed to scramble in before it continued down the hill without me!

    Finished reading The Birds, The Bees etc some time ago, and must apologise for being out of blogland rather a lot lately. I really enjoyed it, especially having been in nursing myself (in a slightly later era), it was interesting to hear about the training. Look forward to your next one!

  7. If you want to find out about spiders, look on the web.

  8. Hi, Joanne, and thanks so much for the kind comments about my book. Now please recommend (but do not lend!) it to other people!

    Keith, that is beyond dreadful!

  9. I think one day someone is going to discover a big pile of spinach and socks all mixed up together and THEN we'll know where they all went.

  10. Thanks, Fran. I shall look forward to that! Actually I've often thought it might be fun to have a sock party. Everyone brings all their odd socks (and a bottle of wine) and you make as many almost-pairs as possible, and the winner gets the socks.