Saturday 14 January 2012

Horse diaries

Titch: You've changed your mind again, haven't you?
Me; Well...
Titch: Go on. Admit it.
Me: I might have. But that woman didn't really want you, anyway. She said you were badly schooled.
Titch: WHAT!!?
Me: Well, it's true.
Titch (defensively: Alan Sugar was badly schooled and he's done a lot better than you have.
Me: There's no need to make this personal. Besides, I don't want to run a computer business, and if I were Alan Sugar, I'd be able to afford a much better horse than you. Several, in fact.
Titch: I always know when I've won. You get all defensive.(Pause). Got any more of those carrots?


  1. Frances, there's got to be an amusing radio-play to be found in your exchanges with Titch! Maybe you could develop a side-line?!

  2. I think Alis is right - your Horse Diaries are so entertaining.

  3. You have some lovely conversations with Titch. I'm sure you could do something with them.

    Thanks for letting me know about my blog. I can't access my comments box either. Not sure where the fault is. Think I'll let it stew for a while.

  4. I love your horsey chats... Titch would love to know he's so famous!

  5. Clever Titch - I think he won here!

    Anna :o]

  6. Well, I do hope you had some more carrots for him :-)

  7. You know you have to keep him, Francs - who else will you talk to?

    By the way, I've changed the comments box on my blog so it shouldn't jump any more (hopefully)!

  8. Frances, I caught myself believing for a moment that Titch really did say that about Alan Sugar.

  9. I get the feeling the ideal customer for Titch would be a carrot farmer.

  10. Hello there!! I'm so completely out of the loop but I take it Titch is a lovely horsey with attitude and a penchant for carrots! And he(?)- well this fine horse - sounds like a very astute observer of human nature! Yay for Titch!! I hope there were carrots-a-plenty! Take care

  11. At least the horse listens to you... I find myself taking to myself more often than not...

  12. Alis, if only!

    Thanks Teresa. But I'm not sure there's enough in/to them. Also, Titch will start muttering about respecting people's (ie his) privacy, and I can't be doing with that.

    Maggie, I've found that if you can't access other pepole's blogs (not necessarily comments) it's best to click on the blog title rather than the title of the post. Your isn't the only one that's being tricky.

    Jarmara, he does know. Oh boy, does he know.

    Anna, he usually does.

    Librarian, you've remindd me - I've run out (of carrots). Oh dear...

    Rosemary, you may be right. (And I'll road test your blog!)

    Deborah, of course he did. He's jealous. He hates very successful people.

    Godo idea, Patsy!

    Hi, Kitty. You're spot on!

    Me too, Colette. And therein lies the whole problem.

    Pat, he listens because he's nosy. He has to know what's going on.