Wednesday 18 January 2012

New blog - what's gone wrong with nursing?

In order to stop (lessen) one of the most noisy/bothersome bees in my bonnet, I have started a new blog about the current state of nursing. I don't intend to post often, unless there is something particular in the news, or someone would like to contribute a post. But it is something I have been meaning to start for some time, and I'll see how it goes.

Please do visit if you have a moment. Sadly, I still haven't mastered the art of links to click on, but if you copy the link below, you'll find me. I look forward to any ideas/comments you many have. Oh - and you may be relieved to hear that Titch says he's having nothing to do with this, so horse-related topics are off-limits.

PS Librarian - a loyal follower - has just issued me with link instructions, and while I stil haven't quite mastered the art, she has added a link to the new blog in the comments following this post. See below.


  1. Hello Frances, let me try and explain how you can have clickable links in your posts. Even I can do it, so it is really easy.

    When you write your post, you are probably automatically on "compose". Next to where it says "compose", there is a button "HTML"; choose that one.

    Write what you want to write, and when you get to the point where you wish to have a clickable link, type this:
    new blog

    The link between the two " is, of course, the one you want to link to; I have used your new blog as an example.
    The bit between the > and the < is what people will see, and click on.

    After the final > , you simply keep writing your text. Then you switch back from "HTML" to "compose", and - tadaa! - you have your post, clickable link included.

  2. OK, so I have just realized that even comments use HTML - I didn't know, so here goes in slow motion:

    Type this:
    < a href = " " > new blog < / a > and do not make any spaces; I had to make all those spaces, otherwise you would not see what I have typed.

    There is only one space you need to make, it sits between the first a and the href.

  3. Will go over and take a look, frances.

  4. LIbrarian, thanks so much for going to all this trouble, but I'm afraid I'm still struggling!

    Jenny, please do. Oh - and if anyone thinks the blog's a good idea, I would be so grateful for a mention on your own blogs!

  5. Will check it out, Frances. I only did ayear and a half of my nurse's training when I left school - then discoverd I didn't like hospitals! But I do remember the wonderful standards at the time.

  6. Have just visited your new blog - we need a campaign like that here!

    Say hello to Titch! :)

    Judy, South Africa

  7. Frances, there's another way of inserting links. Go into 'compose' and write your post. Highlight the words you want place a link to. Click on 'link' in the menu and enter the URL.

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