Thursday 19 January 2012

I can do it!

At last! Thanks to Gail Crane and Librarian - two splendid fellow-bloggers - I can now advertise my new blog with a real grown-up link for my campaign for the return of real nurses. You can find it here

Thanks so much, both of you. At the end of a day which has included a physio appointment and two fillings at the denstist, it's good to achieve something, albeit rather late in my blogging career.


  1. I am proud of you, Frances!! And very glad I could help.

  2. Well done Frances! (And don't worry I am still learning too.)

  3. You are welcome, Frances.
    Good luck with the new blog.

  4. Thanks, eveyone. I have a horrible feeling I've already forgotten the formula, but hey! At least I did it once!