Wednesday 11 January 2012

Who could resist?

I've taken the plunge and advertised him. Sob. This is his (very bad) publicity photo. But at least he's smiling.

Any takers?


  1. What a smart haircut he has!

    Pleasingly, the verification word is "quine".

  2. This must be so hard for you, Frances. He's beautiful - oh for that lottery win x

  3. I hope you won't forget telling all potential buyers about his grandfather!

  4. If only I had somewhere to keep him .....

  5. I don't know a thing about horses, but I can see he is beautiful.

  6. He is beautiful. Well done for taking the plunge. It can't have been easy.

  7. I knew you'd be jealous of that haricut, Tim.

    Hi, Teresa. Yes. It's the beauty (and the eyes) that really get to me!

    Tales of the Grandfather are de rigeur, Librarian!

    Hi, Gail. Yes. Accomodation and food are the problems.

    Thanks, Maggie.

    Joanna, I still keep changing my mind. Someone's coming to see him on Friday, and a part of me really hopes they'll hate each other!

  8. Every bit of that haughty, narcissistic personality, that you described so well, shows up in this photo. He knows he's a blue blood.
    That said, I think you have made a sound decision and there's no shame in getting a good price, so that you can invest in your next, more suitable steed.

  9. He's a handsome Devil, Frances... I'm sure someone will love him as much as you do.

    Best wishes to you both.