Saturday 28 January 2012

Window cleaners

Now, I've nothing against window cleaners. They do an excellent job. I hate heights, and they need the money, so my relationship with them is a perfect symbiosis. But...

I wish they wouldn't just appear. They never knock on the door to announce their arrival, but suddenly there they are, at the window, looking in, (which I'm sure is against their code of conduct, just when (as this morning) I'm about to get in the shower. Ours is fearless* and friendly, and sports a nice woolly hat (rather than the tin one I'm sure he's supposed to wear), but there are some things I don't want him to seem.

That's all.

*Our house is on four floors, above spiky railings. I can't watch.


  1. We've just got rid of our because although he cleaned the windows okay, he left green soap streaks down the white plastic surrounds and sills. I miss him though, as I just can't get rid of the smears on the windows like he could.

  2. They do have a knack when it comes to choosing their moments!

  3. That was one thing I couldn't believe when I first started coming to England on a regular basis, that people employ window cleaners. Here in Germany, nobody I know has ever had anyone else clean their windows, unless they have a regular help once a week anyway. Only business and shops here have professional cleaners come to do their windows. And then, once when were in Scarborough, Steve and I happened to walk past the spa when there was a guy playing the piano in the sun court. Steve started to sing along, "...when I'm cleaning windows", and it made me laugh because I was sure he was making it up as he went along, but he assured me that it was a real song.

  4. Now it's a job that just suits me
    A window cleaner you would be
    If you could see what I can see
    When I'm cleaning windows

    Turned out nice again.

  5. They invariably used to come when I hadn't made the bed and various unmentionables had been left lying about.
    I say 'used to come' because window cleaners are something of a rarity down here. We haven't seen one for about two years now. Perhaps they think we have so much rain we don't really need one.

  6. Good thing the poor fella doesn't know how close he came to falling off his ladder.

  7. You have a window cleaner? I have to clean my own! :-(

  8. Maggie, I'll see if ours is available.

    Teresa, one of my earliest sales was a story about a lady in the bath. And a window cleaner. Nuff said...

    Librarian, either you have very low windows or very good heads for heights!

    Keith no singing, please. This is a literary blog (or was, a long long time ago...)

    Gail, rain certainly helps, but it never seems to come down at quite the right angle.

    Mr. V, I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted..?

    Diane, I challenge anyone without nerves of steel to do our windows. It's those spiky iron railings. Shudder!

  9. "Mr. V, I'm not sure whether to be flattered or insulted..?"

    Flattered, definitely, from what I'd imagine. *smile*